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It is the ideal space to celebrate life, love and happiness, on any occasion.

Its interior is decorated in a romantic style, in which the marble floors, sculptures and bronze lamps stand out. The dance floor has good acoustics and on it you can see a fresco that ends up complementing the setting.

Its distribution includes a stage in the center, three sections for your guests with a view of the wide dance floor.

“It has a classic façade adorned with the famous bronze sculpture by Antonin Mercié: Gloria Victis, representation of hope, the sky, The Clouds”.

  • Lobby.
  • Interior with large windows, marble and wood reliefs.
  • 12 classic style lamps.
  • 12 m x 20 m stave court.
  • The dimensions of this room are 1596 m2.
  • Height 5m.
  • Air-conditioned room.
  • Handicapped ramp.
  • Restrooms for ladies and gentlemen.
  • Smoking area.
Capacity up to

1,200 people

(Depending on mounting)
Gallery Nubes
Our services!

Las Nubes

  • High cuisine.

  • Various capacities in Hall and outdoors.

  • Estela room for civil ceremony.

  • Holy Child of Prague Chapel or Gardens for religious ceremonies.

  • Photo session for couples and family.

  • Bride's room (Las Nubes Hall).

  • Outdoor area for smokers.

  • Equipment and assembly.

  • Turnover service.

  • Light plant.

  • 24 hour security.

  • Courtesy parking and valet parking.

  • Agreement with musical groups, transportation, hotels, photographers, pyrotechnics.

  • Ramps for people with disabilities

  • Wedding Dress and Men's Suit.

  • Decoration with Grupo Armando Elizondo.

  • 20% discount on bachelorette party.

  • Special packages for ring delivery.

  • Valet parking and free parking.

  • Agreement with children's entertainment providers.

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