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"Creativity has no limit when it comes to celebrating."

The distribution of space gives the opportunity to creatively and dynamically combine any furniture. Our advisors will offer different options according to our experience and the range of possibilities that exist.

In its interior decoration, its windows with marble reliefs stand out.

  • Lobby.
  • Interior with large windows, marble and wood reliefs.
  • 4 classic style lamps.
  • 10 m x 6 m marble court.
  • The dimensions of this room are 300 m2.
  • Height 5m.
  • Air-conditioned room.
  • Handicapped ramp.
  • Restrooms for ladies and gentlemen.
  • Smoking area.
Capacity up to

250 people

(Depending on mounting)
Gallery Lunas
Our services!

Las Nubes

  • High cuisine.

  • Various capacities in Hall and outdoors.

  • Estela room for civil ceremony.

  • Holy Child of Prague Chapel or Gardens for religious ceremonies.

  • Photo session for couples and family.

  • Bride's room (Las Nubes Hall).

  • Outdoor area for smokers.

  • Equipment and assembly.

  • Turnover service.

  • Light plant.

  • 24 hour security.

  • Courtesy parking and valet parking.

  • Agreement with musical groups, transportation, hotels, photographers, pyrotechnics.

  • Ramps for people with disabilities

  • Wedding Dress and Men's Suit.

  • Decoration with Grupo Armando Elizondo.

  • 20% discount on bachelorette party.

  • Special packages for ring delivery.

  • Valet parking and free parking.

  • Agreement with children's entertainment providers.

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