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Boda con Temática años 20s

Orange and green are a color combo I never knew I loved so much until just now, thanks to this styled shoot from Paula G. Furió, Macarena Gea, and La Tartana. Romantic indoor scenes are accented with the lushest greenery, protea, and citrus mixes, while our lovely bride models gown after gown (with a pantsuit thrown in, for good measure).

This is such an ideal vision for carefree, bohemian couples who can’t get enough of nature — even when they’re inside!

From the photographer, Paula G. Furió: I’m attaching you this styled shoot we made together with Otaduy and Macarena Gea in Rocket Space, here in Valencia where we are based. It was plenty of details and very well curated by Macarena’s team. Also, Otaduy has a lot of followers of their dreamy bohemian gowns.

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